Saturday, August 1, 2009

north and south by elizabeth gaskell

i decided to read this book after a friend recommended i watch the movie.

i am forever in her debt.

i loved this book. it's nestled itself right at the top of my favorites list. and, to be honest, it's mostly because i fancy mr. thornton. I love his character. i love how stern and glowering he is, yet, he has such a tender spot for margaret that he never denies. i love how honest and straightforward he is. i love his composure and self-control. i love his pride in who he is and what he's accomplished, yet his determination to continue improving himself. *sigh* can i please have him? pleeeeeeese?

i also liked margaret. i really identified with her character in the way people always described her as proud or stuck-up because they misunderstood her quietness or reserve. i appreciated her strength and selflessness. i loved her flashes of temper.

such a great book. i will re-read this over and over and over. and over.

i will also watch the movie over and over and over. richard armitage was so perfect as mr. thornton. i don't know that i'll ever recover from my infatuation.

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Book Psmith said...

I have not seen the movie yet but I have it on my netflix queue. I second all your comments on this book. And one of the best endings ever.