Wednesday, July 22, 2009

agnes grey by anne bronte

my love for jane eyre and wuthering heights prompted me to pick up a novel by the third bronte sister.

i liked it well enough. it read really quickly, but it wasn't as good as the others by a long shot.

the whole novel felt rushed, like the teller couldn't wait to get it over with. there were hardly any details. she talks about hardships and degradations, but you never really get a good idea of what they were.

the plot was predictable. i knew how it was going to end long before it happened.

i would be willing to give anne another shot. but i probably wouldn't read this book again.

Friday, July 17, 2009

pride and prejudice and zombies by jane austen and seth grahame-smith

i decided to read this after it showed up on several national book lists.

completely silly. perfect for summer brain candy reading. i giggled the entire time.

granted, you can't read it if you're going to be a jane austen snob. i think what amuses me most about this book is the idea of the guy who wrote it. i like to picture him as a boy who had a mom and several sisters who loved the original story, and subjected him to hours and hours of pride and prejudice (or other austen stories) throughout his life, and this is his way of fighting back.

and can i saw how wonderful it is for mr. collins to be disposed of (even though it is at the expense of charlotte) and for lydia and wickham to be humiliated in some fashion.

be sure to check out the discussion questions at the end of the book. my favorite: does mrs. bennett have any redeeming qualities?

very amusing.

Friday, July 10, 2009

jane eyre by charlotte bronte

oh how i love this book. i think this was my fourth time through and it was even better this time!

i think it's amazing how you can read a book over and over throughout your life, and depending on what is going on, or what you've experienced, the book is completely different.

jane eyre is a fantastic love story. it's a story about knowing your own self-worth. it's a story about living the life you choose and not letting others plan it for you. it's a story about following your heart.
definately one of my favorite books.

bbc has done a particularly fantastic movie production of this book. i could watch it over and over. they do such an amazing job at portraying the quiet strength in jane and the goodness in rochester.