Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the help by kathryn sockett

oh, the help. this is one of those books that i resisted reading because everyone was reading it and i wanted to be snobby . . . kind of like i was with atonement. you would think i would have learned my lesson by now . . .

i read this on my paris/france trip and it was delightful. i felt angry and desperate and incredulous and joyful and disgusted and sad and i laugh out loud constantly. but more than anything i wanted to give minny a high-five and punch hilly holbrook in the face. 

city of bones by cassandra clare

i picked up this book out of mild curiosity after reading that they were going to be making it into a movie. 

it was alright. a little too much going on in the way of the supernatural for me. it got a little too chaotic in my mind trying to keep track of all the weird stuff. i doubt i'll continue on with the series. but i might check out the movie when it comes out.