Friday, February 20, 2009

the blue castle by l.m. montgomery

on wednesday night i got into bed and decided to read for a few minutes to wind down. i picked up "the blue castle" because it was the book assigned for february for one of my book clubs.

eight chapters later i forced myself to put the book away and go to sleep. but i probably could have read straight through the night and been content with the consequences.

i have never read anything by lm montgomery before, but i surely will be seeking out her other books! i loved this book. it was perfection. there's a sassy girl and humor and manly men and the great outdoors and romance and love and unabashed happy-ending-ness. delightful. that's what it was . . . delightful! i passed it off to my mom this morning, and if i know her taste at all, which i think i do, she'll have it finished by tomorrow night.

thanks be to becca for picking this book. it will be re-read several times in my life.

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