Wednesday, January 28, 2009

pride and prejudice by jane austen

i must start by publicly acknowledging my shame in not having read pride and prejudice before this, my thirtieth year. how did it happen? i have watched and adored the movie (either version) a million times! i have adored the other jane austen novels i read. why? why, did i procrastinate? there is no answer, my friends. i was just a slacker.


what can i say about pride and prejudice that has not already been said by a million readers before me. fantastic. joyous. witty. i wish elizabeth were my best friend. i wish mr. darcy (and his ten thousand per year) were mine all mine. however, i will say i could do with a scene in which wickham is humiliated and lydia is slapped silly! but what can you do?


how lovely it is to find an author that unabashedly give us happy endings. sometimes you just need one! jane is absolutely one of my go-to authors. i'm so glad i finally made pride and prejudice a priority. it will most definitely be re-read several times in my life.

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