Thursday, January 3, 2013

a discovery of witches by deborah harkness

i actually listened to this book, and it might have been a mistake.(i have yet to have an enjoyable audio book experience.) i didn't enjoy this book very much. i don't know if it was because of the story/writing, or because i didn't like the audio recording. either way, i couldn't wait for it to end, and have no intention of reading any more of the series. 

i felt like the author put too much energy/page space into inserting her own ideosyncracies into the book through her main characters. how many times do we need to hear about bottomless appetites and the over-consumption of tea and wine and whiskey? tedious. 

even more tedious was the main character, who is described as independent and smart and driven, yet spends the whole book cowering and whining and basically acting like the worst possible stereotypical romance novel female ever. 

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