Tuesday, March 27, 2012

these is my words by nancy turner

this book was recommended to me by several different people before we picked it for our book club read in february.

love. this definitely goes in the reread pile.

it tells of 20 years in the life of sarah agnes prine, beginning when she is a young woman and ending when she is in her 30's. it follows her life on a wagon train and living in the arizona territory. 

sarah is the woman you hope you will be in the face of adversity. brave, hardworking, enduring.

its a love story, an adventure story, a story of the american west. i was angry and happy and excited and heartbroken and shocked.

and there is this one little bit with a giant rattlesnake that still gives me anxiety when i think about it. 

sarah was a woman i could identify with, a woman i was inspired by, a woman i rooted for, a woman i would want as a friend and neighbor in any situation.

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