Thursday, July 28, 2011

the lost symbol by dan brown

i forgot that i read this book, which, i guess, speaks to how much i enjoyed it. i didn't really have a desire to read this book. i left the book i was reading in a hotel room somewhere in the french countryside, so i had to pick a book to read out of the very limited english section in the paris airport. and thus, i came to read the latest dan brown installment. 

it wasn't bad . . . it just wasn't as good as his other two books i've read, or maybe i'm just used to his formula now . . . overall i found it mediocre. 

there's not much to say . . . there's a lot of history and science that may or may not be true; a big conspiracy; a crazy person who gets carried away in an obsession and involves robert langdon because he's the only person who can solve the riddle . . . . same ol', same ol'.

i finished it because i got so far into it on my SUPER long flight home it seemed like a waste not to. but it was too long, and i think it's safe to say i'm done with dan brown novels. 

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