Tuesday, January 25, 2011

wuthering heights by emily bronte

it's been several years since i read wuthering heights. honestly, i don't know why i like this book, but i do.

the level of dysfunction and ruthlessness are startling. it seems as if no one in the story is capable of making a wise or correct decision. and i always wonder why someone doesn't just shoot heathcliff and save everyone in the story?

also, cathy is maddening. so narcissistic. you wonder how anyone could love her, or heathcliff, for that matter? but i guess that's why they love each other so much.

like i said, i don't know why i like this book, but i do. it's very easy to get swept up in.

(man, i would have liked to have spent some time at the bronte house!)

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shortylori said...

THIS is my next pick! I have to say, I have never actually read it all the way through though. But after accomplishing "The Count of Monte Cristo" I think I'll be in for a more emotional challenge- haha