Wednesday, August 11, 2010

widow of the south by robert hicks

i mostly liked this book. there was a hint of a supernatural element, which kind of threw off my equilibrium, if that makes sense. i didn't know how seriously i was supposed to take it. and i think the way the story was divided up between the different voices interrupted my immersion into the story.

i enjoyed that it was based on a real person and a real place. funny story:

i was sitting in the living room reading my book when my dad walked in:

dad: oh! you're reading my book
me: this is my book. i bought it.
dad: oh. well i bought one too when i was there.
me: where?
dad: the plantation. don't you remember? i brought you back a mug.

fact. there was a mug from carnton plantation sitting on my dresser in my bedroom. funny how things in life connect sometimes.

i liked the recounting of different experiences in the battle. the motivations. the occurrences. the differing views of the same situation. the view of the civil war's effect on civil life.

i liked the juxtaposition of carrie finding something to live for among all the death. she discovered she was strong and able when everyone thought she was broken and crazy.

lovely memory: i finished this book on a cool sunday afternoon on a grassy patch in the plaza across the street from the panathinaiko stadium in athens, greece.

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